P-DNA has interviewed Mr. Danaidej Ketsuwan, the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO] of SCGP, to gain insight into his work style, work experience both in Thailand and overseas, as well as his inspiring self-development through the long years.


Changes are Common

Mr. Danaidej first joined SCG through a position in its corporate planning office. During his three-year tenure there, he oversaw investment projects, feasibility analysis, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). He was later assigned to the post of Vice President for Finance - United Pulp and Paper Co.,, Inc. (UPPC), the Philippines, under the wing of SCGP.

"I had spent three years in the Philippines to manage the firm's Finance and Procurement unit. When I later returned to Thailand, I was appointed the Business Manager of 'Idea' Brand at the time when 'Idea Work' was just launched. After two years with the brand, I returned to SCG's corporate planning office for another two years. After that, I then served as the director of

SCGP's Business Planning Office for five years. In 2018, I flew back to the Philippines to be with UPPC once again. I had been its President and CEO till the middle of 2021, and have become SCGP's CFO up to now," he talked about his various work experience.


Embracing Way of Life as Way of Work

In the face of geographical, cultural, and lingual dlifferences, Mr. Danaidej considered learning and adaptability the crucial elements for his work in the Philippines. He had no problem working overseas because he was determined not to exert the Thai working style over local practice.

"I was aware that tone at the top was very important. As the top executive there, I was responsible for shaping not just business direction but also employees' engagement. I focused on effective communications and collaboration.

"Filipinos are sincere and frank. I integrated their way of life into the way of work to ensure harmony and smooth operations. I also paid attention to their value. Given that Family First

culture was prominent in the Philippines, I arranged Family's Day for staff. As they brought their children to our plant and joined various activities, they could proudly say they were part of our team. They became proud of working for our firm.

"I placed a strong emphasis on team building and communicating. Importantly, I never fixated on any specific way of work. While technical know-how and operational protocols are universal and can be implemented both in Thailand and overseas, people management is different. I understand that I needed to learn the Filipino culture so that I knew best how to inspire our Filipino team," Mr. Danaidej added.


3 Tips to Upgrade Performance

During his years in the Philippines, Mr. Danaidej had always actively tackled problems that emerged. He had conducted analyses, executed tasks, and made decisions, accumulating extensive experiences along the way.

"In Thailand, I might have many functions to consult on an issue. But when abroad, I mostly had to rely on myself. Such experience enabled me to develop my skills a lot more while contributing better value to SCGP. In a foreign country, we encounter unfamiliar situations which could later be applied to the Thai context.

"'No matter where I work, I have always embraced the following three tips.

1. One Step Above. At work, I always try to look at issues from the perspective of my supervisor. It helps me make better decisions, as it allows me to see the whole or bigger picture.

2. Treating Others with Respect. I equally respect all including those much younger than me. I make sure that I give them complement or advice in a way that would be positive and constructive. I am lucky in that I've always had great supervisors who also treated me with respect.

3. To push or to stand back. As an executive, I have learned to push when needed and to stand back when required. Standing back means letting the team be in charge. When the team is doing well and I stand back, they will then have room to make decisions on their own, gain confidence, and grow stronger. Yet, I know that I sometimes will need to actively engage in the work process of the team to help it sail through."


Knowing Yourself & Going All Out

Mr. Danaidej's self-development is rooted in his awareness of his talents and the capabilities of others.

"I look internally to identify my strengths and build up on them. I also look around me to check what others are doing and identify what factors have contributed to their achievements. Then, I plan how I will be able to get all those factors. That's the direction of my self-development.

"From my viewpoint, SCGP is in a strong position with potential to grow further. Not only that it has proven itself a leading packaging solutions provider in ASEAN, but it also looks set to grow in other regions. SCGP employees should seek more experience and knowledge both internally and externally, here in Thailand or beyond, because they are driving the company toward providing customer solutions. Even when you head overseas for vacations, consider including destinations that will enlarge your perspectives on global companies such as the Toyota Museum or Google Office. Go there and be inspired by how they work.

"SCGP is committed to inspiring you and enabling you to work happily. When you enjoy working, the output will be great to not only your organization but also yourself. When you feel stressed, find something to add fun to your day," Mr. Danaidej concluded.