Unlimited Solutions through Innovative Mindset

Unlimited Solutions through Innovative Mindset

Innovative mindset encourages learning and efforts to develop solutions. Thanks to such a mindset, great innovations like DOM (Detect Odor & Monitoring) have been created. Designed

to detect odor at industrial plants, SCGP's DOM has won the National Innovation Award in

Service Design category this year.


Now, let's hear directly from the DOM team about its truly innovative mindset.


"We believe DOM will support smooth business operations. In the past, odor problems had often been issues between factories and communities and there was no efficient device to check the odor. Our DOM has great accuracy. So, the device will detect odor even before it becomes

an issue.


"Our innovation responds to not just business purposes but also social and environmental care. It materializes because of our innovative mindset. We understand problems and seek to overcome any challenges in our keen pursuit of solutions. Innovative mindset will help any innovator. As for our team, we intend to constantly improve our DOM so that it becomes widely used for good



Dr. Thipnakarin Boonfueng - Senior Researcher /

Environmental Technology Specialist, Product & Technology Development Center


"We started developing DOM because of odor at our plant.


"Aware of the odor, our plant had used various odor-detection products before but they had failed to completely eradicate the problem. However, our comprehensive research and serious development have made a difference. Our DOM can detect odor, monitor it, and even assess its impacts.


"One big challenge in DOM development is that factories have different kinds of odor. To ensure efficiency, we study the problem case by case. We adapt and adjust fast to provide each of our

customers with the best DOM."



Mr. Wuttinan Lerkmangkor - Researcher,

Product & Technology Development Center