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While inspirations give a start to some dreams, it takes determination to make a dream come true. Whenever these two elements are combined, success can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.


P-Story features the life of Ariya Jutanugarn, better known as Pro May, in this volume because this young Thai became the world's No. 1 female golfer at the age of just 21. Even though she missed a golden opportunity in her teenage years, she has managed to come back in grand style. Lately, she has also become the first Thai to win Honda LPGA Thailand.


Mindset for Success

Other than having a supportive family and extensive training, Ariya herself has developed a good mindset. Her sports career started because she enjoyed playing golf and dreamed of taking care of her family. Her determination has then given her wings, paving way for her to become the world's No. 1 female professional golfer in 2017. The top spot, however, did not make her as happy as she thought it would do. Instead, the pressure kept piling up as she became more afraid of failure. But rather than getting stuck with that fear, she has redefined her "goal". When she steps into a match, she sets her sight on the new goal of establishing a foundation for poor children - something that could be fulfilled if she was the champion.


In the middle of 2018, she was ranked No. 1 for the second time. This time, delight filled her heart because she knew the value of her new goal.


"I don't focus on winning anymore. I just think that I will make myself proud today. This way, my performance is better than expected," Ariya reveals.


Inspiring Role Model


Despite her immense success, Ariya has faced several challenges and disappointments. She has braved through them all by understanding that things keep changing and problems will make her stronger.

Ariya says she has started from zero and thus should not be afraid of starting from scratch again. She is determined to enjoy all aspects of her life every single day. When obstacles prove self- confidence. She does not compare herself with others, because she recognizes that everyone is different.


Thanks to her inspiring character, Ariya has been an idol to many including professional golfer Atthaya Thitikul. During a 2017 interview, Atthaya revealed that she refused to give up hard training because of Ariya, who proves a success comes from huge efforts. Today, Atthaya has been training hard and shown great discipline as she focuses on doing well for her family.


Path to Success


  • 2000   Ariya started playing golf at the age of 5 with her parents as her coaches.
  • 2003   She won a runner-up in Junior World tournaments in the United States.
  • 2012   She turned into a professional golfer.
  • 2013   - She attracted sponsorship, accumulating enough cash prizes to fulfill her dream of supporting her family financially.Just months after becoming  a professional golfer, her shoulder was dislocatedduring training. Following hospitalization, she needed to adjust her swing to stay on professional-golfer track.
  • 2015   She had been eliminated in 10 consecutive contests. The disappointment was so big that she almost stopped playing golf professionally.
  • 2016   She was named Rolex Player of the Year and received the biggest cash prize in LPGA.
  • 2017   She became the world's No. 1 female golfer for the first time.
  • 2018   She won all big prizes in LPGA Tour and being named Rolex Player of the Year. Not only that she received the biggest cash prizes from LPGA, but she also earned the Vare Trophy (for the player with the lowest scoring average for the season).
  • 2019   Pro May the Movie, which features Ariya and her elder sister (also a professional golfer), was screened.