Hale's Blue Boy Sweet Delight That Serves Quality for Well Over 60 Years

Hale's Blue Boy Sweet Delight That Serves Quality for Well Over 60 Years
Hale's Blue Boy Sweet Delight That Serves Quality for Well Over 60 Years
Hale's Blue Boy Sweet Delight That Serves Quality for Well Over 60 Years

At the mention of "Hale's Blue Boy", the great taste of syrup pops up in the mind of many.

Although there are several syrup brands in the Thai market, Hale's Blue Boy has won the hearts

of all generations with its distinctive delicious taste and fragrance. Its slogan "Sweet Delight"

is well remembered among Thais for more than 60 years now. Mr. Damrong Pattanaanek, general manager of Hales Trading (Thailand) Company Boy is quality".


Sweet Quality

Founded by four brothers more than six decades ago, Hale's Blue Boy entered the market to deliver alternative drinks. Back then, the Thai market was mainly dominated by carbonated beverages but this brand by Mr. Damrong's father and uncles offered syrup drink in two flavors - Sala and Cream Soda. The brand has moved its manufacturing base to the Bangchan Industrial Estate in Bangkok's Min Buri district since 1978.


"Today, we have syrup in nine flavors. At the heart of our brand are quality and deliciousness. We keep them intact no matter what," Mr. Damrong quips.


According to this executive, his firm has accorded importance to safety and hygiene throughout manufacturing process. Ingredients are well-selected. Every factory under the firm is certified based

on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Its products and used water are also submitted to the Department of Medical Sciences for tests on a regular basis to prevent contamination.

Although Hale's Blue Boy sales dropped in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak last year, product quality has been strictly upheld.


"We minimize adverse impacts by improving manufacturing efficiency and reskilling our staff," Mr. Damrong explains.


Happiness Delivered Through Packaging

Bottles and labels of Hale's Blue Boy syrup may hardly change over time. But its packaging has been upgraded all the time based on "Sweet Delight" concept. Beautiful graphics on corrugated-

paper packaging feature happy parties among friends/family members. "SCGP has designed these boxes for us, changing graphics over time to deliver messages that we would like to communicate

with consumers in each era," Mr. Damrong points out,


"We have now created gift sets too with bright graphics on the packages, which are made of recycled materials. Responding to our needs, SCGP designs are just perfect".


In his view, packaging plays a very important role in marketing because it can encourage or expedite purchase decisions on top of adding value to products. "Packages are designed not just to contain our products. They present our image too," Mr. Damrong adds.


Sincere Partner

Hale's Trading (Thailand) has considered SCGP its partner for caringly providing packaging for each of its syrup bottles. Featuring quality prints and design, the well-designed package efficiently

protects its content.

"SCGP is highly reliable. Its boxes work well even though each one has to carry the weight of 24 kilos. Made of corrugated paper, it can also support stacking up over a long time," Mr. Damrong explains.


He adds that, "We are also impressed with SCGP's corporate culture. Its team works closely with customers and prove very trusting. Sincere counseling and services make us stay with SCGP. We feel like SCGP is a friend and a partner".


Mr. Damrong continues that he also trusts SCGP because it has a research and product development units plus a big pool of talents. "We are confident that SCGP will continue producing

innovations and solutions for our business," he concludes.