Fest Chill : The Right Choice for Food Deliveries

Fest Chill : The Right Choice for Food Deliveries

Today, food-delivery platforms have enjoyed growing popularity as consumers appreciate the convenience of having food sent to their place. It can be said that food-delivery businesses have now been booming.

As a leader of food safety packaging business, Fest has developed “Fest Chill” as a solution to restaurants and food-delivery operators that care about hygiene,safety and environmental friendliness.

Fest Chill is made of eucalyptus pulp from commercial afforestation. It comes with high strength and hot food containable up to 130 degrees Celsius, suitable for all kinds of food. It is not only hygienic but also environmentally friendly, which makes it good for consumers, business and environment as well.


  • Fest Chill can be chilled at a temperature of up to five degrees Celsius.
  • For disposal, it is very easy to remove film from Fest Chill box.
  • Fest Chill is microwavable at a maximum of 800 Watts for 3 minutes.
  • Plastic film is recyclable.
  • Other parts of Fest Chill package are biodegradable on their own within 60 days.
  • Fest Chill strong structure is suitable for food deliveries.


Fest Chill Food Safety Packaging is available at Fest Shop, SCG headquarters in Bangsue area or

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