Doozy Pack Data-Driven Business Approach That Fulfill Customers' Needs

Doozy Pack Data-Driven Business Approach That Fulfill Customers' Needs

Three Doozy Pack members, who have different job responsibility, are here with us today to reveal how they have tackled the challenge.


"I am an AE also, I double as a manager. For our B2C model, we embrace the 'Complete & Easy Set'. In other words, we are a one-stop shop for consumers. Staff at shops have also helped with gathering customers' opinions or the voice of customers. If customers expected us to have something and we had not yet had that, we would try to prepare it for customers next time."


"COVID-19 crisis posed the most challenging time. We decided to close our shops for staff's safety, even though our staff were really keen to work. When the crisis eased enough for reopening, we had to prepare protective equipment such as plastic partitions and alcohol gel.

We chose to experiment our equipment with one shop first. When our approach worked fine, we started applying the same thing to other shops too. We have realized that teamwork makes the impossible possible.


"When we plan any change, we will communicate and discuss with our staff first. I have paid attention to my team and their work environment. But at the same time, I have emphasized that they must get close to customers and gather customer data. B2C shops give opportunities for us to understand end-consumers. The opinions of end-consumers are useful to business and product development of Doozy Pack. When we run a shop, we need to ensure our physical space generates maximum revenue.


"As my current mission is relatively new at SCGP, I am under much pressure. Sometimes, I feel burnt out. I have learnt from and got stronger because of my new job responsibility. We need to have fun beating all challenges. That's how to motivate ourselves."

Natsinee Chaocharoenphong

Doozy Pack Shop Manager



"I am an AE responsible for Doozy Pack's e-commerce, taking care of both our own platform and Consignment Platforms like Shopee and Lazada. My responsibility covers website display, backdoor operations, as well as advertising efficiency on Facebook and LINE. Simply put, I take charge of every online activity.


"Before this, I had worked as a packaging designer for five years. But I've decided to jump to the sales field. With my new job responsibility, I have learnt more to understand everything backdoor to ensure front operations run smooth.


"Thanks to COVID-19, we have had greater opportunities in communicating with customers and making them aware of our delivery services. As awareness grows, we also need to prepare efficient delivery-service management. If we have proper response, We need to settle any dispute before it blows up online. Call them, talk to them, appease them and make sure problems will not recur.


"Communications are very important to our job. If any wrong message is sent out, we quickly correct it no matter how small the mistake is."


"I am always curious as to whether I have done the right thing or if I could have done better. I am also trying hard to look at things from a customer's perspective. I seriously pay attention to the voice of customer too. Today, everything happens fast. So, we need to act fast as well. If we stumble, stand up quickly. If data confirms we need to change something, act on it. Don't wait. When we first developed Lite Box, we found that our product was rather expensive. Only after we lowered the specifications of materials involved, can we introduce the products that can compete in the market. When we have an impressive product variety, our customer base naturally expands too. Our product variety is achieved because we keep innovating based on data we have received."


Nantipat Limbasuta

Account Executive -

E-commerce & Retail Solution


"I am in charge of everything at the shop. Challenges are everywhere, but the most challenging of all is customer care. There are various types of customers. Some customers do not even know their needs. When handling such customers, we have to listen very attentively and then present easy-to-understand advice."


"My mindset is rooted in my liking. I personally love sales and services-related jobs. So, when I am here with a good supervisor and team, I am happy heading to my shop. At work, I am not just a salesperson. I am also a thinking partner for my customers. For example, although we have nearly 20 box sizes, our products may not perfectly fit all products customers have. So, we may have to help them with some creative solutions because smaller boxes mean a lower logistics cost, etc. When I am assigned to help another branch, I also learn new things. Each shop has different strengths. When I see their strengths, I come back and apply what are good to my shop too. After work on each day, I keep asking myself how I can work better tomorrow."


Thaweeshok Kontrong

Doozy Pack - Shop Assistant Manager





Note: Photos were taken before the introduction of measures to control COVID-19 outbreak.