DOM : Detect Odor and Monitoring

DOM : Detect Odor and Monitoring

"It is easy to notice odor but difficult to measure it." Industrial plants thus have a challenging task of preventing their odor from polluting local communities.


SCGP has developed DOM (Detect Odor & Monitoring) to help factories tackle this specific challenge. Detecting odor with great efficiency, this innovation has won the National Innovation

Awards 2020 in the Service Design category and has promised to be friendly to the environment.


Equipped with both software and hardware, DOM detects and monitors odor for efficient analyzes and management. Its monitoring system uses sensors, which accept customized settings, to check the intensity of undesirable odors of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, ethylene oxide, etc. It can even determine as to whether PM2.5 amount is above safe limit. Data is displayed real time on a dashboard in an easy-to-understand manner. DOM truly has positive social, business, and environmental impacts.


DOM Service

Odor Identify: What are typical odors at your site?

  • Surveying the site and its odor - causing manufacturing spots;
  • Collecting odor samples for chemical analyzes; and
  • Assessing the intensity of odors by Odor Panelist and based on international-standard guideline


Odor Monitoring System: Constant Monitoring at Your Site

  • DOM checks the intensity of odor and sends data to DOM Web Platform for real-time display and database;
  • Alerts are issued when odor intensity soars above specified limit;
  • Assessing odor diffusion from sources in combination with weather and wind-direction data; and
  • Data can be compared with complaints about odor time for improvement in the future.


Odor Impact Assessment: What are odor impacts?

  • Displaying odor impacts;
  • Analyzing the sources of main odors and time of odor emissions, which are prone to trigger complaints; and
  • Assessing the feasibility of odor-reduction options