DezpaX sprang into operation because its co-founders have shared the same mindset - pursuing self-development and having fun beating challenges. Recognizing not just customers' pain points but also ample opportunities in the food-delivery segment, the co-founders started DezpaX by first joining SCG's Corporate Startup project.

As DezpaX has since gone from strength to strength, therefore it is ready for a complete spin-off. Within three years from its start, DezpaX is now also known as Packworks Co., Ltd.


Ready for New Challenges

DezpaX focuses on achieving the fastest growth rate. Generally, startups have grown their business by 20 – 30 percent a month. For such big growth, DezpaX will need to rapidly expand its customer base with a perfect team and highly-efficient work system.

Moreover, it will need to boost its credibility as it has already made a move to operate independently. To handle such big challenges, DezpaX is determined to promote shared goals among its members and streamline work process. If a problem emerges, brainstorming will be held. Tasks will then be prioritized and implementation will go ahead seriously until problems are solved.


One Stop Service with Customer Insight

DezpaX, a total food packaging solutions provider, presents an application or e-commerce website whereby customers can get various forms of quality packages. Its integrated services include designs and logo printing.

Offering affordable prices and instant quotes, DezpaX also accepts purchase orders round the clock. It delivers its products nationwide, with tracking system and clear delivery deadline. DezpaX has been the first provider to have combined packaging with printing services in the same delivery platform. This outstanding strength and practical differentiation enable DezpaX to answer well to customers' needs.

Three major customer groups of DezpaX are SMEs, food brands/chains, and street-food operators. DezpaX's interesting positioning is rooted in its extensive market research, which identified pros and cons of products/services in the market as well as customers' needs. DezpaX platform is developed for smart and fast delivery of what customers expect. There are even installment-plan options for customers ordering a big lot of packages - something that had never been offered in the market before. Moreover, Dezpax has monitored customers' consumption behaviors to prepare products/services that best respond to their needs. At the heart of DezpaX operations is its Customer-Centric approach. It, therefore, stands out from all other competitors.


DezpaX's Next Milestone

Today, more corporate customers have ventured into food-delivery industry. DezpaX has thus prepared Corporate Solutions to give them extra convenience. These solutions are designed with corporate customers' document process and credit terms in mind. For street-food vendors,

DezpaX has prepared more offline marketing activities so as to access and serve them with greater efficiency.

Packworks Co.,Ltc. (DezpaX) has already got SCGP as its first investor. But it intends to attract more investors so as to bolster its strengths further. For example, if a food-delivery operator jumps in, DezpaX will be able to significantly expand its market. If a bank agrees to invest, DezpaX payment system will be more efficient especially to SMEs. If foreign investors become interested, DezpaX will have more chances to expand across ASEAN region in the future.




"SCGP members who have some business ideas should not forget that SCG and SCGP have various platforms to support them. There are Innovation or Internal Startup projects for them to join in. While you have to invest your time and energy, you get opportunities to test your ideas with real customers. So, just do it. Don't worry about what if the ideas won't work."

 Mr. Patompong Deepanya

Chief Executive Officer, Packworks Co., Ltd. (DezpaX)


"The lucky ones are those who are ready when opportunities arrive. If there are stages for you to experiment and get advice recommendations from others, jump in. No damages will be done. There is no risk. Don't be afraid of trying new things. Don't worry about changes. Everything in this direction will lead to improvement and development.”


Ms. Passara Pinyopich

Chief Operating Officer, Packworks Co., Ltd. (DezpaX)


"No matter what you do, do it seriously. I believe in the Action = Reaction theory. When we devote ourselves to something, we will get something in return. For example, we will acquire new skills, greater prudence, or sharper business sense. In the end, we have got benefits that may be invisible to naked eyes yet valuable. So, I really want to encourage all of you to act on your ideas...Do it and fight on."


Mr. Settapat Silapasamai

Chief Marketing Officer, Packworks Co., Ltd. (DezpaX)