JOSHUA PAS : Making it 1% better each day is exciting enough!

JOSHUA PAS : Making it 1% better each day is exciting enough!
JOSHUA PAS : Making it 1% better each day is exciting enough!

The following interview reveals that Dr. Joshua Pas, Global Foodservice Packaging Head, SCGP, who is multiracial, has not just capabilities but also "extraordinary" attitudes towards life and work. Just as he points out, making things 1 percent better each day will give exciting development for sure!


Invest in experiences

Growing up overseas, Dr. Pas worked part time during his university years. It was quite normal for university students to work and study at the same time in western culture, after all.


Dr. Pas had built a great 16-year career in the United States. For example, he used to work for Bose Corporation in Boston and also Intel of Silicon Valley. He had already developed Data Analytics skills and mastered in Supply Chain management before joining Thailand's SCG in 2013. "SCG initially assigned me to handle Digital Transformation. Serving as CDO (Chief Digital Officer), I was also in charge of AddVentures that focuses on investments and finance, as well as ZERO TO ONE or SCG's Startup Studio. At the end of last year, I took up the post of SCGP's Global Foodservice Packaging Head," he said.


Understand the mode

Dr. Pas emphasized that understanding and efficiently managing each work mode was necessary.

"In execution mode, everything must be accurate. But in exploration mode, you must be able to accept less-than-100% performance. Improvement and Test-and-Learn during exploration are understandable," he pointed out.


In his view, forming several small teams will encourage agility. Members in each team should have different age, gender and expertise. The greater the diversity, the better. When they get together, work ambience will be good. They will want to hear what other team members will say. They can inspire each other all the time. On performance evaluation, Dr. Joshua places an emphasis on OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). Simply put, OKRs presents both short-term and long-term key performance indicators (KPIs). Team members will know what they have to do this week and this year. "Project Management is also very important. It is not too complicated either. Just communicate and collaborate. Do what we are good at. Recruit others' help for tasks they do better," he explained.


Grow the top line

Asked about Merger and Partnership (M&P), Dr. Joshua believes it represents a good challenge whereby one can learn about different culture and consumer behaviors.


"M&P reflects that we look for a partner. We do not think that we have bought a business. We let our partner keep doing what it is good at. We step in only where our contribution is useful. M&P aims to grow the top line. It therefore must place a strong emphasis on Integration and Synergy Project. We may introduce our Thai business models to Europe or US. Or, we may apply what we have seen there to Thai market," this executive explained. "Europeans and Americans are different from Thais in some ways. So, we must determine what parts we can apply. By the way, on the overall, I am very excited about what we will be able to do without partners," he added.


At SCGP, everyone is important

Just as the interview was coming to a close, P-DNA asked Dr. Joshua about SCGP's sustainable growth. "Everyone at SCGP is an important mechanism. So, 'Do the Best You Can!'. If possible, act like you own SCGP businesses. Last but not least, have fun and enjoy the challenges!", he concluded.


4 Ways to Improve Yourself


"I like reading articles, including academic stuff. Read what is in our field so that we know what are cool. Read content in other fields to expand our horizons."



"It is really great to have a mentor, who doesn't need to be your supervisor or respected senior.

To get a mentor, you may just walk toward the person you admire and ask, 'Could we eat together once a month?'"




"If you want to do something, say so. Don't be afraid! When you take up a project, someone will be by your side and help you. They won't let you fail badly".


Small change add up really fast

"A former supervisor taught me this concept. If you do better by just 1% each day, you will do 38 times better in just one year."