Circular economy solutions

SCGP places a high priority on resource efficiency and environmental protection, following sustainable development paths. The Circular Economy is embedded in design and development process with a focus on resource efficiency with a model of “make-use-return.”


  • Using fewer resources but still deliver the same efficiency.
  • Offering multi-use function and prolong product service life.
  • Encouraging recycling by using recycled material and designing packaging to be recyclable alongside initiatives to buy materials that can be recycled back into production.
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Small lot solutions

SCGP offers design and manufacturing services for the small lot and on-demand packaging to fulfill SMEs' needs. Our digital printing technologies can deliver high-resolution and vibrant colors and allow direct printing digital-based files, a time-saving process that eliminates the need for preparing traditional mold. Plus, the solutions offer printing on corrugated board and a wide range of materials with the benefit of no minimum order quantity.


  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Guaranteed high-resolution images and vibrant colors with digital printing technologies.
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Convenience solutions

SCGP offers packaging design services to maximize convenience. A series of packaging solutions include Retail Ready Packaging and Promotional Display with innovation, for example ; PopTech that can be assembled within seconds. With high-quality printing technologies, the prints are professionally processed and can deliver vivid and sharp images.


  • Easy-to-use and convenience.
  • Guaranteed high-quality printing and vivid and sharp images.
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Smart and functional solutions

Smart and Functional Solutions are a series of packaging solutions specially developed to cater to unique needs. SCGP integrates technologies of designing, printing, and manufacturing to deliver unique packaging benefits beyond protecting the contents of the package. The unique options include on-pack digital-enabled code to replace traditional barcode, counterfeiting prevention, status trackability, and on-pack promotions with a digital watermark.


  • Offering various modern technologies.
  • Collaborating with various professional team; marketing, design and research team to develop smart packaging according to customer unique needs
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E-commerce solutions

SCGP offers end-to-end E-commerce services, from designing to manufacturing, for e-commerce businesses, couriers, and SME online retailers. The solutions offer products in the standard size of postal package items along with essential protective materials such as padded envelopes or air-bubbles.

With many packaging plants located in numerous areas, SCGP can ensure adequate supply to meet an immediate rocketing demand during online shopping events such as the 11.11 Shopping Festival Campaign.


  • End-to-end E-commerce packaging services for large companies, SMEs, and online retail sellers.
  • Delivering a variety of design and printing services to provide aesthetic value and uniqueness.
  • Ensuring adequate supply for an immediate spike in demand during online shopping events such as the 11.11 Shopping Festival Campaign.
  • Offering packaging goods for retail customers both online and offline store at
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Marketing event solutions

SCGP offers marketing event solutions with a full range of services, from designing, printing, manufacturing, installing to recycling. The solutions provide customers with design services and aesthetic boosts for exhibition or trade show. Examples include paper-based exhibition booth, paper-based large model, and PopTech Display for sales promotions. The exhibition booth and items are entirely made of paper and can be assembled, disassembled, and recycled. It is a convenient option for managing exhibitions both at home and abroad.


  • Offering a wide range of services ranging from designing, printing, manufacturing to recycling.
  • Lightweight materials made easy to assemble, disassemble, store, or transport.
  • The product is made of paper and recycling-friendly
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