Packaging Paper is available in a “roll” form which can be delivered to customers' factories for manufacturing corrugated paper to produce packaging paper.
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Containerboard comes in a natural brown color due to a combination of a much higher proportion of recycled pulp and virgin pulp. The containerboard consists of two main parts:

Linerboard is made of a high-quality kraft used to provide a smooth surface of the outer layer. It comes in a broad range of fiber types to meet unique customer's requirements.

Corrugated Medium is an inner fluted layer of corrugated containerboard that offers superior vertical stacking strength. The company offers a wide variety of strengths and basis weights.

In addition to our wide range of products to serve customer’s need, we also offer ready-to-use products to respond their specific needs and satisfaction. Among these converted products are corrugated sheet board, ream-cut paper, small width slitted roll paper, multi-wall sack, shopping bag, and laminated paper.
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More than 100 types of corrugated sheet board are offered to serve the specific needs of customers. Made of liner and corrugating medium, these boards vary in grades, weights and specifications.


Structure : 2, 3, 5 walls
Flute Size : A, B, C, E, B/C, B/A
Width : 305-2489 mm (12-98 inches)
Length : 597-5486 mm (23.5-216 inches)