SCG provides solutions for food industry and serves all needs with innovations for sustainability in THAIFEX 2019

Packaging Business, SCG —your business partner in Solutions for Food Industry-- proves its Business Leader as Total Packaging Solutions Provider in THAIFEX-World of Food Asia 2019. SCG booth presents the concept “SOLUTIONS FOR FOOD INDUSTRY” with the emphasis on Circular Economy: Creates Values for Sustainability at booth No. OO-01, Challenger Hall 1, IMPACT Area, Maung Thong Thani between 28 May and 1 June 2019.

This year SCG, adhering to Circular Economy concept, has determined to develop innovations and technologies to add value to our products, services, and manufacturing process and to make a move toward effective use of resources. We came out with ‘SCG Circular Way’, our methodology that can both meet our customers’ requirements and serve consumers’ behaviors. We focus on utilizing resources to their fullest capacity. Our products has been developed and designed in the way that consumes less resources, user-friendly and durable enough to be later used as materials in our close-loop packaging. In addition, SCG also collaborates with partners and other business sectors to build strong alliances who can push forward the Circular Economy in order to achieve sustainable society together.

Within the large area of SCG booths, we presents Total Solutions for Food Industry in 4 major zones. The highlights are SCG Circular Way products that are biodegradable and easy to recycle; just correctly separate trash before disposal, it then can be reused as materials for close-loop package.

  1. Food Safety Packaging Solutions
    - FEST Bio. Food safety packaging made from eucalyptus fiber grown at planted forest that we help promote farmers to grow trees to increase their income. FEST Bio can hold both hot and cold food as it can withstand the heat up to 180 °C., so it can be used in microwave and oven.
    *can be put in a 800-watt microwave for 5 minutes and in the 180 °C oven for 30 minutes.
    - FEST Choice straw, can be used for 4 hours straight. It is suitable for drinks with temperature less than 40 °C.
  2. Plastic Packaging Solutions
    - FybroZeal are our innovated bags made of natural fiber; they are strong, durable, and supports printing with its high-quality surface. The heat sealed packaging without laminate that are recyclable and biodegradable.
    - R-1. The Mono Material (Multilayer Laminated) plastic packaging are easy to be recycled and have the same quality as Multi Material packaging. They are moisture-proof, durable, and can effectively protect your products.   
  3. Paper Packaging Solutions
    - Grocery Bag & Shopping Bag. Recyclable paper bags and paper shopping bags-- the new alternative for shopping. They are durable and can held a lot of weight.  You can print also any patterns or logo for any marketing purpose.
    - Luxury Packaging. Beautiful packaging made of paper that partly recycled. Not only be designed  to be outstanding, sturdy, and can be printed on, our packaging can also be reused and recycled to ensure that they have reach their fullest capacity 
  4. Display Packaging Solutions
    - Merchandising Display
    . Shelf made from corrugated paper can be used for marketing. The structure and outer patterns are beautifully designed as per customer’s request, so it is perfect to enhance your product display. It is light but strong, easy to assemble and move, and requires only a small space to store.

Moreover, SCG is more than ready to be your Total Packaging Solutions Provider. We assure you of our professional consultation on packaging and our collaboration in your product and service development, including helping you find material sources within SCG network, You are ensured to get not only convenience, but also the packaging that meet all your need.

Activities in our booth

The special activity for our valuable customers visiting SCG booth on Saturday 1 June at 1.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. aims to evoke passion for betterment and creativity in cooking lovers. Meet “Patty” the Champion of MasterChef Junior Thailand who will show you his special new dish, created and served on our clean, hygienic, and biodegradable Fest, our Food Safety Packaging Solutions.  Tell your friends and come together to enjoy clean eating served on our clean packaging.

There are many more activities all days in each zone of SCG booth. You can taste, try, shop, and win prizes! Just check-in at SCG booth, enjoy promotions of our quality products and services, and open to new experiences from SCG brand-new solutions you’ve never seen.