SCG Packaging

Transformative Elephant is Set to Roar Ahead

Behind the years-long success of SCG Packaging Public Company Limited are efficient management, excellent packages, and of course a powerful team of “packaging designers”.

In this volume, P-DNA thus sits down with the team to get insight about their role and their perspectives towards their firm’s next step. These packaging designers, after all, have designed the “elephant sculpture” that represents the firm’s complete transformation into the total packaging solution provider.

Not Just “Solutions Provider” But Also “Thought Partner”

Packaging designing requires the application of arts and science. The packaging-designer team therefore comprises both structural designers and graphic designers. The first focuses on the functional aspect of packaging, while the latter’s job is to make it appealing. Working together as one team, they embrace Holistic Design concept.

“We work as the ultimate Packaging Solutions Provider. Even when customers do not have any clear idea, we can provide all the support because we consider ourselves as their thought partner. Our packaging designs do not just respond to their needs but also their marketing strategy. We do consider how our packaging can boost their sales,” the team explains.

“After customers set their requirements, we apply Design Thinking concept. The process begins with conducting a research, designing a package, creating a mockup, and experimenting until we get what is right,” the team adds.

“We also think about environmental friendliness, as we support Circular Economy. Where possible, we recommend the better things in customers’ context. We deliver beyond customer expectations,” the team says proudly.

The New Elephant is Moving Forward

SCG Packaging’s designers design not just packages but also logo and corporate identity of customers. The packaging designers of the firm, in fact, even work on exhibition display. Their creations have already been installed at various events including THAIFEX –World of Food Asia and national book fairs.

“Studies show about 2,700 exhibitions have been held in Thailand each year. Their number has also grown by 20 percent on average, with the market now worth Bt15 billion. So, of course, jumping into this market will give us business opportunities.

Our key material, paper, has key advantages. Lightweight, recyclable, and easy-to-install, paper is generally friendlier to the environment when compared with other exhibition materials. Paper also causes less dust during installation,” the team points out.

The designers of the firm have also created the “elephant sculpture” from paper for the press conference on the listing of SCG Packaging Public Company Limited in the Thai stock market. This elephant represents the transformation of Packaging Business, SCG, into SCG Packaging.

“Elephant has long communicated about SCG. But as we want to highlight the packaging part, our elephant is designed as a polygon that is reminiscent of Japan’s origami or paper folding. Its structure and shape can tell everyone from first glance that our firm has its root in paper.

“The design of this elephant sculpture started with the creation of 3D images. After we were satisfied with one of the images, we worked on its structure. We had to ensure our paper sculpture is strong and durable. The actual sculpture will stand five meters tall. So, it will be assembled from over 50 paper pieces. This elephant is based on a 20-cm mockup. For appealing touch, graphic designers have played their role,” the team explains.

A graphic designer says, “We make this elephant colorful, beautiful and creative. With graphics, the elephant has interesting dimension. It communicates clearer about polygon/ origami too. Through this elephant, we want to send a message across that SCG Packaging is ready to creatively drive its business ahead in a secure manner. If you notice, you will see that the new elephant has already put one of its legs forward as it prepares to step further.”

The designer team concludes their interview with: “SCG Packaging trusts that teamwork will be its driving force. So, as our firm is now moving forward, all of us need to keep pace. Follow global trends and explore opportunities for growth. Embrace changes with positive mindset. In the future, our firm won’t sell just traditional packages. Our firm will definitely set sight on delivering comprehensive services to answer to the needs of the modern world.”

Sparkling Ideas

“Because inspirations and ideas can emerge anytime, anywhere, I think we should not be required to work only at a certain location and during certain hours. Sometimes, I need the right ambiance for a spark of idea. SCG supports me in this aspect.”

Poy - Suchanat Chidthai

“I find inspirations in my coworkers. Sharing ideas with others and listening to their comments enable me to improve my work. To say the truths, team members’ opinions often spur my creativity.”

Ake - Suriya Pimcoat

“When problems emerge at work, find the fun of tackling them. If we have fun working, our work will be inspiring. When we find a solution, we not only help customers remove their problems but we also beat our own obstacles. The success we achieved will give us greater confidence.”

Pack - Wanchana Sritrairattana

“We should turn challenges at work into inspirations. They will then drive us forward. In carrying out our work, we should do our best. Work under our responsibility should be great and appealing. We must deliver what our customers want.”

Tik - Kritchaporn Kulrattanarak

“Conducting a research to gather information and to understand the true needs of customers is the first step of finding inspirations. The next step is to compile references that can be compared with what customers want. When we become exhausted, go out and chat with friends. After we feel fresh, we will be able to finalize our ideas and present the best to our customers.”

Earn - Nicharee Reanthong