Hua Seng Hong

40 Years and Counting!

Thanks to its well-selected ingredients and delicious food, Hua Seng Hong has gone a long way from its humble origin as just one Chinese restaurant in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Today, it is a top-of-the-mind brand among consumers in love with Chinese cuisine.

Mr. Phisit Piriyalertsak, Managing Director of Hua Seng Hong Dim Sum Company Limited, has now leveraged the brand’s reputation to introducing a sub brand – Hua Seng Hong Dim Sum. His venture is giving people convenient access to tasty Chinese-dumpling items.

“Hua - Seng - Hong” Principle

Hua (Unity) Seng (Prosperity) Hong (Boom) is not just a catchy name, but also has great meaning, which has been the guiding principle of the chain’s operations. “We have seriously safeguarded the reputation of the brand that was founded by my father (Mr. Manop Piriyalertsak). Unity is strong both within the founding family and within our workforce. It is the key to both prosperity and boom,” Mr. Phisit says, “When all our employees join efforts and work towards shared goals, all can prosper together.”

Expanding Distribution Channels to Deliver Quality & Tasty Food

Hua Seng Hong Dim Sum has constantly developed new products based on Hua Seng Hong’s principle and now clinched its huge success.

“Although Hua Seng Hong Dim Sum is a new brand run by a new-generation member, we have strictly adhered to our parent brand’s principle of quality. Our food items do not contain preservatives. They are freshly cooked, using natural ingredients. Our focus is on quality, not cost-saving. So, customers can rest assured that we use great ingredients just like Hua Seng Hong. We definitely do not use trans-fat oil. On top of this, we serve deliciousness at reasonable prices. Packed with quality ingredients, our steam buns are available at just Bt22 each,” Mr. Phisit continues.

“Regarding marketing, we have actively gone online and introduced new products that especially appeal to the new generation such as Thai-tea Bun, Lava Bun, and Durian Bun. Moreover, we associate ourselves with the growing health trend too,” he adds.

“In today’s economic landscape, we need to take a proactive approach. One of our key strategies thus is about increasing the number of branches so as to ensure that consumers can conveniently get our products. Our outlets now operate at so many places including hospitals, petrol stations and even BTS stations. In partnership with PTT, Hua Seng Hong Dim Sum is available at service stations to delight road travelers. We have presently had about 80 branches across the country. On top of physical outlets, we have also sold our products via online platforms such as GET, Grab, LINE MAN, and Foodpanda.”

Great Partner Offers Total Solutions

As Hua Seng Hong Dim Sum gives priority to quality, it pays significant attention to its food packaging. Without quality packages, food safety may be compromised. Recognizing this fact, Mr. Phisit says his firm has confidently chosen Food Safety Packaging – FEST by SCG Packaging. 26

“We trust SCG for its long-established reputation. When our customers know we use Food Safety Packaging – FEST, they have even greater confidence in us. Our choice of packaging reflects our commitment to deliver the best things to our customers,” he quips.

He also appreciates the fact that SCG team has worked well in maintaining relationship with his firm, delivering consistent product quality. “Aside, we love innovations SCG has introduced. For example, it has taken the initiatives to produce paper from manmade forest, take care of communities and help out the society. Given all these factors, SCG definitely is the right brand to supply us with packages,” Mr. Phisit says.

Looking into the future, this top executive reveals he is now exploring new innovations with SCG Packaging. For example, he is interested in getting packages that are shaped like Thai-style food-box stack and food packaging that can be steamed without tearing the package. Mr. Phisit believes good packages can increase his firm’s competitiveness in delivering quality food items to diners across Thailand.