Ban Pong Model District-Wide Waste Management

Ban Pong is Here

Located in Ratchaburi province, Ban Pong District is an economic hub. It is also an important link between Thailand’s West and its central region. Its economic benefits come with problems such as huge piles of garbage. If waste management is not put in place, garbage problem risks spiraling out of control.

“We have decided to manage waste at its source. In support of such management, we have educated and engaged local communities. Our initiative kicked off at the time the government also supported such policy,” Former Ban Pong District Chief Mr. Tosapol Phuanudom says. He pushes for the Ban Pong Model or district-wide waste management, something he reckons requires support from all sides.

“We can’t implement it on our own. We need cooperation.”


Ban Pong Model materializes through the collaboration of

  1. Government agencies including Ban Pong District Office, Ban Pong Local Administration and local administrative bodies;
  2. SCG Packaging PLC that provides waste-management knowledge, budget, facilities and more;
  3. People.

Ms. Chayanin Jampathong, Ban Pong Local-Administration Chief, reveals that SCG Packaging organized many activities to educate locals about waste management. “Still, key players believed they also needed a solid example to convince people,” she recounts, referring to the time her office was contacted to help find an exemplary community in terms of waste management.

Rang Phlub Village in Mu 1 of Ban Pong’s Krab Yai subdistrict has even won the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion’s award for Zero-Waste Community.

“We have arranged educational tours around Rang Phlub Village for interested communities so that they can learn how to manage waste efficiently,” she says.

The District Chief also organizes “Waste-Free Community Contest” for communities in Ban Pong. All 17 local administrative bodies in the district were required to name one community in their area for the contest. Such community must visit Rang Phlub Village for waste-management knowledge and apply it within four months. The best implementer wins the contest.

Thanks to this contest, Ban Pong will soon have 17 more communities that excel in waste management.

Ban Pong district, in all, is now transforming itself – from a city full of garbage to the city that efficiently handles waste at sources.

The complete transformation is Ban Pong Model’s ultimate goal.

Mr. Saharath Pattanavibool, Director – Ban Pong Mill, SiamKraft Industry, says, “SCG is pleased to help develop a model community for waste management, which sets an example for others to follow. Our team has taught each participating community about waste separation and recycling for maximum resource efficiency. The implementation of the project in 2019 went well. And we are definitely ready to help teach all other communities in Ban Pong district in years to come.”