TAB Lock

The TAB Lock closure is used where a more secure seal is required. At the design development, we consider what level of protection you need and what type of closure is required. Besides, cartons with TAB Lock closure ensure perfect and stable alignment of stacked boxes on the pallet.


Bag in Box

BIB is an environmentally friendly packaging format for liquids, in respect of waste reduction, energy consumption, and raw material conservation. We supply integrated machines assembling filling and packing process into one unit to make your production continue to operate at peak performance. Moreover, the high precision of the process guarantees high efficient rate and quality packaging that you can rely on.



Specially designed in octagon shape, packaging from OTOR system has many advantages as follows:

  • Enable erection of 4-8 cornered cases.
  • Increase compression strength. The cut-off corners increase higher protection to lateral pressure and also save weight while offering identical performance.
  • Improve accuracy. You can achieve exact internal dimension as expected.
  • Reduce paper and save sheet area
  • Deliver flat for excellent stacking