smart and functional solutions

SCGP integrates technologies of designing, printing, and manufacturing to enhance packaging capability

to help extend product shelf life and prevent counterfeiting. The solutions can also add trackable features and on-pack promotions.

Smart and Functional Solutions are a series of packaging solutions specially developed to cater to unique needs. SCGP integrates technologies of designing, printing, and manufacturing to deliver unique packaging benefits beyond protecting the contents of the package. The unique options include on-pack digital-enabled code to replace traditional barcode, counterfeiting prevention, status trackability, and on-pack promotions with a digital watermark.


  • Offering various modern technologies.
  • Collaborating with various professional team; marketing, design and research team to develop smart packaging according to customer unique needs

Digital Watermark

Digital Watermark is a technique for embedding digital codes on the printing of the packaging. Unable to see with your eyes but get information by devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Make it beyond general packaging.

For example, Product identity can be proven to prevent counterfeiting, track product status, Used for payment convenience and safety instead of barcode or QR code. Create a new experience for customers.


OptiBreathTM is a line of products that we have developed for the optimal packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables allowing them to remain fresh for a longer period of time. Plastic films used in OptibreathTM have controlled breathability quality which help to optimize the respiration rate of fresh fruits and vegetables. This allows for prolonged shelf-life and extends the expiration dates and therefore, facilitates the reduction of food-waste.


EzySteamTM is an example of a successful flexible packaging product line. It is appropriate for food that is best heated or reheated in a microwave oven. EzySteamTM enables end consumers to heat packaged food in the microwave oven without having to first cut open the packaging. The benefits of this is twofold: it is hygienic as it prevents contamination during the heating process and as it prevents the food content inside the packaging from spilling out during the heating process.