Visy Packaging Thailand in SCGP acquires ISCC PLUS certificate An assurance of world-class sustainable development

Visy Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in SCGP, complies with the requirements of ISCC PLUS from International Sustainability and Carbon Certification or ISCC, which is applicable worldwide to certify organizations with superior carbon and sustainability management throughout the supply chain. The company is certified as Converter : manufacturing of rigid plastic food packaging operating under the principle of Circular Economy, using recycled plastic pellets as raw material as well as having a clear and transparent system to control every step of production covering processes from acquisition, accepting and storing of raw materials, quantity control, to sales and delivery. The certification ensures that products from Visy Packaging Thailand contain recycled raw materials and meet high standards of production and traceability in accordance with the chain of custody of mass balance, and have achieved the level of high quality that meets customers’ expectations for food packaging. With this certificate, Visy Packaging Thailand will be able to respond even better to the customers who are keen to adopt Circular Economy for their supply chain.