SCGP is certified CIRCULAR MARK as one of the first 30 companies in Thailand.

CIRCULAR MARK was developed to certify leadership in circular economy for entrepreneurs both in Thailand and abroad. In order to strengthen the brand reputation and enhance competitiveness, It is a guarantee that product and packaging are designed with Principle of  Circular Economy, taken account of environmentally production processes and instructions for use, including waste collection and management at the end of product life cycle. It covers issues of resource use, waste generation, greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product life cycle. The certification was developed under a research project entitled “Development of an Environmental Label System for Renewable Products, which promotes the management of materials to drive the Circular Economy policy in which  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rattanawan Mangkang, Director of We Green Faculty of Environment Kasetsart University is the project leader with the Thai Environment Institute Foundation along with associate agencies such as the Ministry of Industry Federation of Thai Industries Including projects for cooperation with the public, private and civil society sectors, Plastic waste management in a sustainable way, or PPP Plastics Group, jointly supports research funding in 5 target industries; agriculture for food, building materials, plastics, packaging and fashion lifestyle.


5 certified CIRCULAR MARK pilot products from SCGP are as follows:

1. Idea Green copier paper

2. Consumer paper bag

3. Fest Bio packaging

4. Laminated Mono-material (R1) Flexible Packaging

5. Shampoo bottles for Pets made from 100% Recycled HDPE (rHDPE)