1 May 2021

62 Organizations Join Forces to Collect Used Paper Boxes For Recycling as SCGP Paper Field Hospital Bed

62 Organizations Join Forces to Collect Used Paper Boxes  For Recycling as SCGP Paper Field Hospital Bed

62 Organizations Join Forces to Collect Used Paper Boxes

For Recycling as SCGP Paper Field Hospital Bed


Sixty-two organizations join forces to launch a project --“United to Fight Against Covid: Transform Used Paper Into SCGP Paper Field Hospital Bed” -- to campaign for consumers to care for the environment and become a part of the project by sending used paper boxes for recycling and reuse in accordance with the Circular Economy. Committed to helping society during the current Covid-19 pandemic, the organizations open collection centers of used paper boxes to be recycled into SCGP paper field hospital bed for distribution to those in need throughout the country.


Mr. Wichan Jitpukdee, Chief Executive Officer, SCG Packaging Public Company Limited, SCGP, reports that the company has engaged in a cooperative effort as one of 62 organizations in launching the United to Fight Against Covid: Transform Used Paper Into SCGP Paper Field Hospital Bedsproject in a campaign to encourage consumers to take good care of the environment.


The project aims to educate and create an understanding about using and managing leftover paper materials in order to bring them back for reuse. This includes recycling the materials into SCGP paper field hospital beds, a creative design for social innovation, which has been developed to help those afflicted with Covid-19 and to support the work of health personnel. Collection of the materials is slated to take place from April 28 to May 31.


The new Covid-19 outbreak has created a shortage of hospital beds and led to the setting up of field hospitals in various localities, and as a result created a need for large numbers of field beds. For this reason, SCGP has designed SCGP paper field hospital bedmade of 100% recycled paper that weighs only 14 kilograms and can be easily and rapidly assembled and installed. The bed can bear the horizontal weight of 100 kg.


However, a constant demand has led to 62 organizations joining hands to set up stations to collect used paper boxes for recycling into SCGP paper field hospital beds,says Mr. WichanAny person wishing to participate in this project may deposit their used or disused paper boxes at collection stations set up by all 62 participating partners. SCGP will collect them to be recycled and produced as SCGP paper field hospital beds for distribution to those who need them.


SCGP wishes to thank cooperative efforts by all organizations and people who lend their support to the project to help fellow Thais to overcome this challenge together. Moreover, we are helping to conserve the environment by recycling a resource for reuse and to create the utmost good.


The 62 participating organizations comprise: 1. Amway; 2. Ayutthaya City Park; 3. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration; 4. Bossard (Thailand); 5. Canon Marketing (Thailand); 6. Carnival Supply; 7. Central Pattana; 8. Central Retail; 9. Chaya Pictures; 10. Chewaathai; 11. College of Management Mahidol University; 12. Cosmo Bazaar, Muang Thong Thani; 13. CW Tower; 14. Ecolife; 15. Export Import Bank of Thailand; 16. Future Park and Zpell; 17. Green Star; 18. Hi-Tech Precision Mold (Thailand); 19. ICONSIAM; 20. Innovex Holdings; 21. L.B.S. Laboratory; 22. L.P.N. Development; 23. Lotuss; 24. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; 25. Muang Thai Life Assurance; 26. Murakami Ampas (Thailand); 27. N.C. Housing; 28. NTN Manufacturing; 29. Pacific Park Sriracha; 30. Panasonic (Thailand); 31. Panyapiwat Institute of Management (P.I.M.); 32. Pioneer Electronics (Thailand); 33. Practika; 34. President Automobile; 35. Priest Hospital; 36. PTG Energy; 37. Sansiri; 38. Sappe; 39. SCG; 40. SCG Express; 41. SCGP; 42. Shippop; 43. Siam Center; 44. Siam Discovery; 45. Siam Michelin; 46. Siam Paragon; 47. Siam Piwat; 48. Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok; 49. Sotus International; 50. T.B.T. Corporation; 51. Thai Fuji Plastics; 52. Thai Pigeon; 53. Thai Spirit Industry; 54. Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling, Federation of Thai Industries; 55. Thailand Post; 56. Thailand Science Park, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA); 57. The Stock Exchange of Thailand; 58. Toyota Bangkok; 59. UOB (Thailand); 60. Useful Food; 61. Watana Panit Publishing; 62. Yokohama Rubber