Latest High-Quality Packaging for thermoformed barrier food and processed fruit

Packaging Business, SCG, has lately invested in a Rigid Packaging business in its bid to respond to the various needs of customers better and also in search of innovative food packaging for leading brands worldwide. ASEAN, after all, is the world’s major food/fruit plantations.

Rigid Packaging is made through the process of Thermoforming, Extrusion Blow Molding, and Injection Molding. Advanced production technologies in the manufacturing process ensures Rigid Packaging is available in a variety of forms such as cups, tiny pots, bottles, lids and trays.

On top of being able to withstand high heat that kills pathogens, such packaging is lightweight and durable. As it keeps out oxygen, it preserves food/fruit for a long time too. Even better is the fact that, it is recyclable. Rigid Packaging, in all, offers both quality and sustainability.

Packaging Business, SCG, has never stopped innovating solutions for consumers’ convenience and great quality of life.