Takes quality ingredients, deliciousness, and great packages for a food brand to be successful in both Thai and overseas markets. Champ Bajang, which sells tasty rice dumplings, knows this success recipe.

Champ Bajang first sprung into operations out of a wish to keep alive a family’s wonderful rice-dumpling recipe. Now managed by the family’s new-generation executive Mr. Thiranai Tripermsap, this small business has made a big success and exported its products overseas.

Hot Rice Dumplings in Your Plate

To deliver its rice dumplings to customers living faraway, Champ Bajang has risen up to a key challenge. It has made efforts to ensure its food products always taste good just like when they are freshly cooked, last long in a shelf life without preservatives, and importantly prove convenient to eat for consumers. A half-hour steam to reheat rice dumplings is too complicated for modern-day consumers.

 “Free of preservatives, our rice dumplings last for as long as two years because we have kept them in cold rooms that are perfectly in line with international standards. Regarding heating, we have also striven to respond to consumers’ behaviors and lifestyles by creating a suitable package,” Mr. Thiranai continues.

“It’s lucky that we have met SCG, the leader in innovative products. SCG has explored solutions for us and created EzySteam packages for our products. With this cool packaging, consumers just have to put the whole bag into a microwave oven. No tearing is required. The EzySteam bags can inflate and release heat itself. With this package, the heated rice dumplings taste great just like the freshly-cooked ones. The packaging also looks really nice. So, the product is perfect as a souvenir too. Importantly, this package can be printed. We can thus print down our distribution channels, which in turn increases our business opportunities. Aside, this package significantly shortens reheating time needed for rice dumplings. This is an innovation that our competitors don’t have,” Mr. Thiranai quips.

The secret recipe of Champ Bajang now lies with not just deliciousness but also its ability to identify consumers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Rice dumplings based on a family recipe, as a result, will stay in the hearts of customers for generations.