OptiSorbX : Innovative Packaging Preserves Tasty Food for You!

OptiSorbX : Innovative Packaging Preserves Tasty Food for You!

How good will it be if food taste prepared by manufacturers are well-preserved, with the help of packaging, till content reaches customers?


OptiSorbX by SCGP is here to provide the answer. Coming out of research and development process, it maintains the quality of fat-containing food items by reducing oxidation. Thanks to such innovation, the shelf life of foods extends. Packaged content will be slower in changing color or turning stale.


More effective in keeping out oxygen and vapor than normal packages, OptiSorbX is good for packaging dried and intermediate-moisture food such as baked items, nuts, dried fruits, cheeses, and smoked meat.


Both resellers and end-consumers will be able to keep foods longer, because OptiSorbX keeps the original taste, color, and flavors of packaged content for a relatively long time while inhibiting bacterial growth. COCO NEAT, a brand of our valued customer, has now embraced OptiSorbX to ensure its coconut products' quality and deliciousness for consumers.


Note: Shelf-life extension varies, depending on types of content and storage conditions.