Answer to Every Lifestyle and All Generations

Answer to Every Lifestyle and All Generations
Answer to Every Lifestyle and All Generations
Answer to Every Lifestyle and All Generations
Answer to Every Lifestyle and All Generations
Answer to Every Lifestyle and All Generations
Answer to Every Lifestyle and All Generations

SCGP has seriously listened to the Voice of Customers, which is crucial to product/service development, in pursuit of its goal to become Total Packaging Solutions Provider. The company has now had packaging to suit the needs of everyone, regardless of his/her lifestyle, age, or occupation.


We have got an opportunity to interview a family whose members have different career and lifestyle. In the family are Mr. Harun and Mrs. Jaruwan Kanokvaliwongs, who import and distribute Dream Chef  kitchenware, and her mother Mrs. Ambhorn Assanawittaya, who owns Come Home Cafe. Let's find out how each of them has chosen packaging and what functional factors are behind their decision making.


Packaging for Stronger Brand

Mrs. Jaruwan reveals that Dream Chef products, which are imported from South Korea, are distributed via department stores as well as online platforms.


“We have seen significant online sales growth since the Work-From-Home mode started. Having more time at home, many people think it is safer to cook their own food. We have carefully selected packaging to ensure that our customers will open the boxes and find our kitchenware intact. It is a way to impress customers, win their confidence, and encourage good word-of-mouth,” she continues.


“We have chosen packaging from SCGP's partners because it is well-designed, durable, and lightweight. It has a clean surface and can feature of our printed logo and company details,” she explains, "As customer feedback has been good, we have confidence in quality.”


So far, she hopes that packaging can become even lighter because it will mean a lower logistic cost.




Packaging for Easier Life


Responsible for Dream Chef marketing at work, Mr. Harun manages his family's household at home. He, for instance, has been shopping for its groceries. When he goes shopping, he is interested in not just product quality but also packaging design.


“At supermarkets, I look for appealing packages - something that is easy to carry and remove the need to use a plastic bag. I also appreciate packages that are easier to organize inside my car and my home,” this part-time househusband reveals.


“Importantly, I love things that make me feel good. I am always attracted to bottles that are made from recycled plastics. I feel I am a good man when using such stuff because they are kind to the earth,” he said.


Not Just Protective Packaging

Come Home Cafe has offered dine-in, catering, and food-delivery services for eight years now, with a strong emphasis on food safety and a variety of packaging.


“We serve delicious dishes, using fresh ingredients and hygienic process. Our focus on safety means we are very cautious about our food packaging. That's why we have chosen Fest. For delivery services, we need tightly-sealed boxes that are also easy to stack up. We have given feedback and have seen constant packaging improvement,” Mrs. Ambhorn says.


“Another problem in a food business surrounds the storage of fresh ingredients. During the COVID-19 situation, I was worried about ingredients rotting during storage. So, I looked for packaging that could keep ingredients fresh longer. My kids then recommended OptiBreathTM. It helps somewhat. The rest depends on my good storage and management processes.”


Feedback from her family reflects the voice of customers in both B2B and B2C groups. SCGP is indeed all ears as it seeks to respond increasingly better to the lifestyle of everyone.