Flexible packaging can be designed and manufactured in various forms such as converted rolls that are suitable for high-speed automatic filling/packing machines or converted pouches such as stand-up pouches, re-closable packs, free shape pouches, and so on. The packaging enhances product attractiveness through graphic printing and the package properties e.g. storage temperature, barrier properties for gas and moisture, chemical resistance, etc. can be customized to serve different product applications.



Stand up pouch

Stand up pouch

Wicket Bag


Stick Pack








Retort pouch

Flexible packaging has various package formats. The most widely-used formats are bag or pouch with centered seal, 3-sided seal, or 4-sided seal. The flexible package can serve product filling requirements either solid or liquid forms and can be printed with different printing technologies i.e. Gravure, Flexo, or Offset to deliver the most attractive products.

A stand-up pouch is a type of flexible packaging which is gusseted at the bottom to provide support for product display. A pouch will be sealed in 3 or 4 sides.

One of the most popular stand-up pouches is a flat bottom pouch. Thanks to its rectangular bottom design, the flat-bottom pouch can stand up stably on shelf with large print area.

A wicket bag is a type of flexible bag with holes on top, tied together by wire or loop. The package is designed for automatic packing line to increase speed and accuracy. A wicket bag is suitable for packing consumer goods in a large quantity such as a diaper, bread, and so on.

Sachet is widely used as one portion pack. A common shape of sachet is flat triangle that is suitable for carrying. Producers apply laser scoring techniques e.g. laser cut, v-cut to make a package easy to tear.

Sachet is typically used for packaging of seasoning, shampoo and conditioners, etc.

A stick pack is a type of flexible package with narrow width and long length shape. Stick pack and sachet are one portion pack offering convenient, portable to consumers. Compared to sachet, stick pack is designed to reduce package space and widely used for powder products such as instant coffee. A stick pack becomes more popular for liquid solutions such as pharma liquid dosage forms.

EzyPeel™, novel lidding film, allows for easy opening of containers. EzyPeelTM products can be easily open with out the risk of spill-over or leaving stringy traces of plastic to the lid.

FybroZeal™ new solution for flexible packaging. FybroZeal™ is made from pure paper that, with specially developed coating chemical, can be ‘heat-sealed’ like plastic film. Being made purely from paper it is thus fully recyclable and biodegradable, and hence a very good environmentally friendly alternative for consumers. This type of packaging is often used for products or foods that does not easily spoiled or not require good protection from moisture or oxygen or to be kept for extended period. Or it can be used as outer secondary packaging together with inner primary packaging made from laminated film to enhance the barrier and hence longer shelf life.

OptiBreath™ is a line of products that we have developed for the optimal packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables allowing them to remain fresh for a longer period of time. Plastic films used in OptiBreath™ have controlled breathability quality which helps to optimize the respiration rate of fresh fruits and vegetables. This allows for prolonged shelf-life and extends the expiration dates and therefore, facilitates the reduction of food waste.

EzySteam™ is an example of a successful flexible packaging product line. It is appropriate for food that is best heated or reheated in a microwave oven. EzySteam™ enables end consumers to heat packaged food

in the microwave oven without having to first cut open the packaging. The benefits of this is twofold: it is hygienic as it prevents contamination during the heating process and as it prevents the food content inside

the packaging from spilling out during the heating process.

A retort pouch is a type of flexible packaging made from a laminate of plastic films, metalized films, and aluminium foils. It is used for food that has to be sterilized under high temperature. A retort pouch can be transported and stored in ambient condition providing convenience for end-users to consume. Being lightweight without temperature control requirement, the package proves to be very cost-effective during delivery and storage. Retort packaging is commonly used for low-acid food or beverage such as soy milk, juices with jelly, soups, pet food, ready-to-eat food, and preserved vegetables.


Rigid packaging can be manufactured in different formats. The standard formats are bottle, jar, and tube. Some rigid packaging can be custom designed e.g. electrical parts, automotive parts, and special rigid plastic forms to serve different industries such as consumer goods, food and beverage, cosmetics and auto lubricant, and so on.

Blow Molding Products (Bottles)

Collapsible Tube

Injection Mold Products (jars, caps / closures)

High Barrier Thermoformed Cup and Tray

Blow molding products or bottles are produced through blowing hot plastic into the shape of mold and cooling the mold. A mold can be designed in different shapes and sizes. A plastic bottle can be used to contain liquid products according to customers requirements. A plastic bottle is durable and strong. Producers can add special functions into bottle cap and dispensing pump that suitable for product applications.

Besides, plastic bottles can be furnished using various decorating techniques e.g. shrink label, sticker, direct printing on the bottle. As a result, plastic bottles are widely used to package many products such as consumer goods, beverage, and liquid products e.g. lubricant oil, chemicals, etc.

Collapsible Tube can be made from a number of materials including incorporating of barrier layer for shelf life or scent protection, including various design of necks and closures.

With silkscreen printing, dry-offset printing, and sealing, tube enriches customers' experience.

Injection mold products are type of rigid packaging produced through plastic injection process which are suitable to produce rigid packaging such as jar, cap, and closure in various shapes and sizes.

Injection mold products can be decorated by silk screen printing, or hot foil stamping. Injection mold products is commonly used for cosmetics and personal care products.

With heat resistance and exceptional barrier properties for gas and moisture, high-barrier cup/tray with lid helps extend product shelf life and increase filling/packing efficiency.

Through transparent cup design, brands can improve product visibility and attractiveness.