CSR In-Process

     SCG Packaging embraces good corporate governance and focuses on environmental care. Its carefully-selected machinery and manufacturing technologies are not only advanced but also environmentally friendly. Above all, the company strives to prevent business impacts on public health, the environment and the society so as to ensure the happy co-existence between businesses and local communities.

  • Promoting non-fossil fuel

     SCG Packaging constantly promotes the use of non-fossil fuel in manufacturing process. Chemicals from the manufacturing line, scrap materials from scrap paper, sediment from wastewater system, and bark from pulp manufacturing are used to generate vapor energy and electricity. When directly put into boilers, sediment and bark provide fuel for the generation of vapor energy and electricity.

  • Promoting air quality

     ​SCG Packaging pays significant attention to air-quality control particularly for air that will be released via the chimneys of facilities. The company has now used the state-of-the-art Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technology for boilers so as to achieve complete combustion. With the CFB, it is also possible to control the amount of both sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. The first one can be controlled via the addition of calcium hydroxide and the latter via the use of controlled temperature. On raw materials, SCG Packaging opts for the fuel types that cause least pollution, and also promotes the use of non-fossil fuel.

  • Promoting water quality

     ​SCG Packaging has installed cutting-edge and highly-efficient biological wastewater treatment system. Via this system, microorganisms decompose organic matters in wastewater and improve water quality. The quality of treated water from the system meets not just requirements laid down by Thai government agencies but also international standards. It is proper for use in the manufacturing line and in farmland, which surrounds SCG Packaging’s factories.

     In collaboration with the Department of Industrial Works, SCG Packaging has constantly monitored and tested the quality of treated water through the real-time monitoring system which checks the level of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) online.

     The system also monitors the amount of Biological Oxygen Demand and Suspended Solid (SS). Therefore, everyone can rest assured that the water from SCG Packaging’s treatment system is proper for use in both manufacturing line and its neighbors’ farmland. At present, SCG Packaging has shared its treated water with local farmers to ease their water shortage during the dry season.