CSR after Process

     SCG Packaging has implemented many major projects to improve stakeholders’ quality of life and enable them to grow with the company. At SCG Packaging, creating job opportunities for locals and providing good welfare to employees are top priorities. Not only that the company seeks to give its employees security and good living conditions, but it also strives to achieve social well-being and environmental protection. SCG Packaging firmly believes that if the society goes from strength to strength, they will have a good chance of enhancing quality human resources.

Community Engagement & Support

     SCG Packaging has the policy to create mutual happiness in communities where businesses are based, both in Thailand and overseas. The company seeks to operate as a good corporate citizen. Employees are thus encouraged to participate in activities that ameliorate local communities as well as the society as a whole. SCG Packaging has inculcated the sense of duty in employees, making sure they will follow the company’s policy and guidelines about community development. SCG Packaging makes it a mission to:

  • Appropriately deliver support and assistance to the society and communities, particularly those in SCG Packaging’s neighborhoods
  • Promote and support youth-empowerment activities that are related to education, sports and arts. Youth are also inculcated with ethics and morality. The company aims to produce capable and morally-sound youth so that the country has a key driving force for its development
  • Quickly support relief operations in disaster-hit areas, raise the quality of life in the society, and empower people via occupational development and the strengthening of their communities for the ultimate goal of ensuring that they become self-reliant
  • Support medical and health services via projects like “SCG Promoting Good Health”, which delivers necessary medical equipment and devices to communities in the neighborhoods of Phoenix Pulp and Paper Public Company Limited. The ultimate goal is to ensure that they enjoy good health and better quality of life, etc.
  • Appropriately encourage and support arts, cultural conservation, and religions so as to pass on such heritage to the next generations
  • Assist foundations and charity organizations in their mission of helping the underprivileged acquire better quality of life and self-reliance. Also, support organizations that conduct activities for human development with an aim to develop the society on a sustainable basis
  • Give communities and stakeholders opportunities to participate in the aforementioned activities and comment on SCG Packaging’s operation