The packaging paper features smooth and sleek look with strict control on hygiene, safety (hygienic packaging) and sterility. These qualities are ensured through the use of safe materials and compliance with the production process of GMP and ISO 9001. The product is first in ASEAN to meet Japanese quality standards.

MG Paper features high level of sanitation and safety with multi-layers of gloss, allowing absorption of agents in the disinfection process and prevention of microorganisms for diverse industrial applications.

Machine Glazed Paper for packaging is used to produce materials that come in contact with food such as hamburger, sandwich and bread wrappers or snack bags, plastic bags and parchment paper for cookies, cakes and pizza. The paper is available in a large selection of grams to suit wide applications.

Machine Glazed Paper for medical packaging with high standards of hygiene includes medical equipment and medical gloves.


Machine Glazed Paper for furniture printing that requires extra smoothness and opacity in designs. Machine Glazed Paper from SNP features outstanding smoothness and high opacity for sharp printing and minimum transparency.

Machine Glazed Paper for textile industry requires extra smoothness in quality, which SNP Machine Glazed Paper possesses. With high level of smoothness, it provides good ink absorption.

This special type of paper is produced at Siam Nippon Industrial Paper Co., Ltd. in Ratchaburi province. With production capacity of 43,000 tons/year, the product is a collaboration between the two companies, Nippon Paper Group and SCG Packaging, aimed  at producing excellent quality Machine Glazed Paper. This is done through the acquisition of machinery from Germany, as well as careful selection of materials for the safety of consumers which is in line with the safety requirements of the product. Both companies are committed to continuous quality improvement and employment of manufacturing technologies from both parent companies to respond to the customers’ needs, expectations and trust with sustainability.

Machined Glazed Paper is ready to be manufactured for domestic and international customers. Please contact +662 586 1000 for more information.