“70-gram Paper for a Better Value”

Idea Max is a 70 gram premium-grade paper. Idea Max is suitable for double-sided printing. With Ultra Performance Formula, Idea Max has high opacity that helps reduce see-through problem, providing easy-to-read documents as text on the back page are not visible from the front page.

Ultra Performance Formula is an innovation from SCG Paper with a combination of special formula and paper structure, yielding premium whiteness, great thickness, excellent smoothness, and higher paper opacity thus reducing see-through problem and enabling the fullest usage of paper on both sides.

Idea Max is a product developed by SCG Paper’s R&D team, with an aim to maximize the utilization of 70 gram papers to better serve office function problems typically occurring when 70-gram papers are used on both sides. Text on the back page can be easily seen from the front page, irritating readers and causing documents to appear unorganized and untrustworthy. As a result, many paper consumers use only one side of regular 70 gram papers, leaving the other side blank and creating unnecessary waste. By using Idea Max, both sides of paper are used and consumption of paper decreases by half. Idea Max, then, becomes a solution for those who want to reduce business cost and to consume less natural resources. 

Why Idea Max is a better value?

  • High paper opacity, less see-through problem

  • Great for double-sided printing

  • Premium whiteness

  • High thickness and smoothness

  • Copying 10,000 sheets without jamming*

*Test results from high-speed copy machine conducted under controlled condition according to SCG Paper’s laboratory standard.

Idea Max is available in size A3 and A4 at B2S, BeTrend, Big C, Office Depot, Office Mate, Tesco Lotus, and stationery shops nationwide.