“80-gram Paper for a Better Environment”

     Idea Green is a new concept of office paper that combines ultimate performance properties with ecological values. Under the concept“Think for a Better Environment,” Idea Green, produced from 40% EcoFiber, consumes less farmed tree than traditional copy paper, and offers high whiteness and premium quality for a better printing experience. Idea Green is also Thailand’s first paper product awarded Green Label from Thailand Environment Institute and certified with the Thai Industrial Standards Institute certificate. Quality of Idea Green is comparable to that of paper made of 100% new pulp.

EcoFiber is a high-quality environment-friendly fiber obtained from waste and post-consumed materials collected outside the mill. With effective sorting, well managing, and comprehensive control system, EcoFiber distinctively delivers high quality performance while preserving the environment.

Idea Green is a new alternative for consumers preferring paper with ultimate performance properties and ecological value. Produced from EcoFiber, Idea Green uses 40% less farmed tree than normal paper, hence, helping us saving trees to absorb carbon dioxide from the air.

Idea Green is available in size A3, A4 and F14 at B2S, BeTrend, Big C, Makro, Office Depot, Office Mate, Tesco Lotus and stationery shops nationwide.