Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President of SCG Packaging, said that “we have witnessed a continued growth in the demand for packaging products in the ASEAN region and there is a lot more potential for future growth of innovative products. In addition to that, consumer behavior has drastically changed in recent years, in which they are relying more on electronic media instead of printed materials. As a result, SCG Paper expanded the business to include packaging products during the past 4-5 years. In response to a shifting towards packaging business, sales revenue of packaging products in 2014 accounted for approximately 72 percent of the total. For the sake of clarity and the business direction alignment, SCG Paper is rebranding as SCG Packaging to bring more clearness in business direction. Our goal is to strive towards becoming a total packaging solutions provider who co-creates value and end-to-end packaging innovations that truly answer the varied needs of customers, consumers and other stakeholders in a sustainable way. The company’s focus will be on business expansion within the ASEAN region, research and development of new products, services and solutions, and co-creation with customers to bring about new innovations that truly deliver maximum values and benefits to customers and consumers.”