Bangkok, 22nd September 2015: “Fest”, the latest brand of food safety packaging from SCG Packaging, will revolutionize the standards of food packaging in Thailand, with a strong proposition of being “food safety and cancer-free packaging”. The new packaging will offer Thai consumers a sustainably healthier and safer choice of food packaging.

          Wimol Chantian, Brand Director of “Fest” in SCG Packaging said “As the leader in the packaging industry, SCG Packaging has the capacity and readiness to elevate food packaging standards and to educate consumers on how to choose packaging that is safe for their food, so that they can live safely and healthily.”

As Thai people’s lifestyles have changed and we tend to eat out more than cooking ourselves, usage of food safety packaging has been on the rise. Regarding the healthy living trends that are increasingly popular in the past few years, consumers are more aware of eating food contained in an inappropriate packaging such as polystyrene boxes. However, they are not able to avoid it as choices are limited. With our policy to innovate products that address the needs of consumers and improve their living standards, SCG Packaging has developed “Fest”, food safety packaging, to address the issue and promote a better health among Thai people.

          “Fest”, food safety packaging, is extremely hygienic and safe for containing food. The packaging is made from virgin pulp that has not been bleached, hence its natural color. “Fest” is made in a closed-system manufacturing process to prevent any contamination. The personnel have been given additional training on the self-conduct regulations in which they have to strictly follow the hygiene rules, and are certified with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards on par with EU standards, USFDA standards, and EU Regulation. Consumers can rest assured that “Fest”, food safety packaging, is clean, safe, and cancer-free.

“Fest” has been designed and developed to be able to efficiently contain food, heat-resistant, non-melting, and non-leaking. There are two main product categories. The first is food safety packaging made from paper coated with food grade plastic to enhance strength and prevent leakage. The second type is environmentally-friendly and bio-degradable natural pulp packaging. Both types come with a full range of products such as food boxes, plates, bowls and drinking cups.

          “Fest” has been designed with a distinctive innovation that gives unique qualities to packaging and makes it able to surpass typical usage standards. For instance, food boxes are molded from one single sheet of paper to effectively eliminate joints and leakage. In addition to the product innovation of “Fest”, food boxes feature a steam vent; allowing steam to escape and preventing condensation inside the lid in which, maintain food taste and quality. The Curve Lock Technology is used with drinking cone cups to make the bottom round, preventing leakage and allowing for ease of usage as the cups are easier to grab and do not stick to each other.

          Currently, the disposable packaging for food service is valued at 12,000 million baht in 2015 and is expected to grow by approximately 2-4% per year. SCG Packaging began to sell “Fest”, food safety packaging, in the middle of the year and has set a sales target of 1,500 million baht and 10% market share by the end of 2020 with the total market at 14,000 million baht. The products are distributed to wholesale retailers and Makro (in October 2015). In addition, the products can be ordered online at For more information, please contact FEST Call Center 0 2586 1000.