Corrugated containers are made of corrugated sheets, which are used mostly in packaging with same-size lids where both ends meet in the middle (RSC). SCG Packaging can also design the paper packaging in various forms to suit customers’ applications.

-       Regular Slotted Containers (RSC): Regular containers made from a single corrugated Containers with same-width lids at that meet at the axis.

-       Telescope Containers: Consists of 2 parts; the containers and the lids. They are commonly used for packing vegetables and fresh fruits.

-       Designed Style Containers: Designed to have various shapes for functional and beauty purposes through di-cutting or stamping techniques.

-       Wrap Around: Containers with a lid at the sides, where the length is longer than the width. It is suitable for automated filling products such as UHT milk or carton beverage.

-       Paper Tray: Packaging with a tray and walls around the sides. It is most popular for products such as bottled or canned beverage: canned soda, canned beer or energy drinks.